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After his boss is arrested for fraud, a hedge fund manager struggles to find new business. So, to keep his clients happy, he decides to run a Ponzi scheme, knowing that eventually he will face the consequences.
What is stranger than the mysterious big hole that opens up in Lucy Sherrington’s living room floor? As it turns out, love.
With the help of his new friends Alex Danyliuk turns to a life of crime and identity theft.
The armistice of WWI was signed at 5am. It would go into effect at 11am. The story follows the soldiers who tragically died in the last minutes of combat. (short film)
While in business school Zachary Cranston decides that the rewards of fraud outweigh the ethical costs of running a Ponzi scheme, in spite of the knowledge that he will one day face the consequences. (short film)



Richard Wernham

Producer/Writer Richard Wernham has an ear for good story telling. Since his childhood he has consumed and created stories, both fiction and non-fiction. His knack for recognizing a good story is an incredible strength, which aides in both his functions as producer and writer. Richard has been an executive producer on 6 projects, these projects include: Son of the Sunshine, Terminality, The End of War (short), Business Ethics (short), No Stranger Than Love and the feature length version of Business Ethics, which is currently in post production. He also has several writing credits to his name including: The End of War (short), Business Ethics (short) and the feature length version of Business Ethics


Nick Werhnam

Nick Wernham is a young director with an inclination for visual story telling. Nick has an eye for the aesthetics of a film, and an understanding of how visuals can best be used to relay stories to an audience. Though early in his career Nick already boasts a handful of directorial credits including both the Business Ethics short as well as its feature length adaptation and No Stranger Than Love, an independent film starring Alison Brie, Justin Chatwin and Colin Hanks. Nick also has a few producer credits including Son of the Sunshine, The End of War and Ashes and an acting credit for a small part in Son of the Sunshine


Bernard E. James

Gifted Director and Producer Bernard E. James may still be at the opening of his formal career, however he has a life long dedication to the art of film making. Bernard’s directorial debut, The End of War, received two nominations for the Diane Seligman Awards Best Short Film and Best Short Narrative at the Woodstock Film Festival and received the Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative Short at Skyway International Film Festival. The film was also warmly received by audiences at the Victoria International Film Festival and Newport Film Festival. Along with his directorial work for The End of War, Bernard has a producer credit for the upcoming feature length version of Business Ethics starring Larenz Tate. 


Sanzhar Sultan

Producer/writer/director, Sanzhar Sultan loves filmmaking from story concept to distribution. His producing strength is in assembling a quality crew, maximizing production value on budget, and managing the film’s logistics, completion and release. He has produced films that have shot in Toronto, New York, London, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Laos. As writer/director, his credits include Burning Daylight, a Jack London drama starring Robert Knepper; two short films Makes The Whole World Kin and Terminality; and the crime thriller Hacker, as writer/producer. He was also the Executive Producer on the award-winning film River, and the performance doc Love Strings. Most recently, he produced the feature length version of Business Ethics, starring Larenz Tate. 


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